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Welcome to the future of farming. We leverage cutting-edge Web3 technology to streamline livestock management from field to chain. Say goodbye to outdated tracking, tagging, and the need for costly infrastructure with our smart QR-based tags.

Seamlessly connect your real-world livestock to the blockchain for improved food traceability and livestock management; or even convert your inventory into investable assets effortlessly via your mobile phone.

How it Works

Simple. Scalable. Durable.

Simple. Scalable. Durable.

Traditional livestock tracking systems often rely on IOT devices that are not only expensive but also involve bulky hardware that’s inconvenient to use. Our cost efficient QR-based tags are designed to be simple to install, scalable to any farm size, and durable enough to withstand the rigors and realities of even the most rural farm life.

Tag & Tap

Tag & Tap

We work with on-ground farmers to intimately understand their pain points, and craft our user experience to specifically eliminate them. No complicated tech: simply tag, tap, and register. Each tag allows you to effortlessly create an immutable on-chain record providing irrefutable proof of ownership and food tracing capabilities from farm to plate.

Mint NFTs

Mint NFTs

We leverage the same technology that popularized digital art, to turn your farm smart. Tokenise your livestock into digital assets by minting Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) with ease through the FarmTrack platform. We make the process of minting NFTs fast, easy, and extremely convenient for even the least tech-savvy of individuals.

Manage Livestock

Manage Livestock

Simplify your operations and optimise costs with our all-in-one solution that not only eliminates the need for hefty hardware, but also reduces opportunity for human error. Manage your livestock as easily as you manage your email. No more cumbersome paperwork or pricey management systems; just a seamless interface that does it all, effortlessly.


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We're currently beta testing and collaborating with a select group of cattle farms.

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